Use Your Bushel: Week of September 25, 2017

9/25/17 Large Bushel

Apples (1 lb avg) or Persimmons (1 lb avg), Collards (1 bunch) or Eggplant (1 lb avg) or Turnip Greens (1 bunch), Cucumbers (1 lb avg) or Okra (1 lb), Green Beans (1 lb avg) or Mushrooms (1/2 lb), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb avg) or Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Summer Squash (1 lb avg) or Tomatoes (1 lb avg),  Sweet Corn (4 ears) or Sweet Peppers (1/2 lb), Winter Squash – Acorn, Butternut, or Spaghetti (1-2 each)

9/25/17 Medium Bushel

Apples (1 lb avg), or Persimmons (1 lb avg), Green Beans (1 lb avg) or Eggplant (1 lb avg) or Turnip Greens (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb avg) or Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Summer Squash (1 lb avg) or Tomatoes (1 lb avg), Sweet Corn (2 ears) or Okra (1 lb)

Keeping It Cozy

Does the weather have you a bit weary this week? With the clouds rolling in… and staying in- it can be hard to find a motivator to get in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a warm and cozy dinner ready for you when you want to catch up on your favorite TV show that you’ve been meaning to get to all week? These recipes for One-Pot Vegan Minestrone, Slow Cooker Ratatouille, and Hasselback Squash may be a bit heavy on the prep, but all have a delicious reward as the final product- all couch-potato and PJ approved.

Photo Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

One Pot Wonder: 1-Pot Vegan & Gluten-Free Minestrone

The beauty about a bowl of minestrone is that while is has its roots in a traditional Italian recipe, there many riffs on the classic. This 1-Pot Minestrone calls for green beans, summer squash, and greens (collards or turnip greens could work!), but you could also substitute the pasta for fresh sweet corn kernels and add some extra chopped tomatoes. Don’t skip on the cheese (or nutritional yeast for our vegan friends) because that would just be a mistake! (Recipe Source: Minimalist Baker)


Photo Courtesy of Epicurious

A Vegetarian’s Delight: Slow-Cooked Ratatouille Over Goat Cheese Polenta

Slow cooked eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini come together in this luxurious-yet-healthy recipe for Ratatouille. Use up any of the leftover veggies in your bushel like chopped mushrooms or sliced okra to pack the veggies in! You can make the grits as cheesy as you’d like, but we recommend a healthy dose of Bee Tree Goat Milk Chèvre for good measure. (Recipe Source: Epicurious)


Maple Pecan Hasselback Butternut SquashRecipe Courtesy of Seasons and Suppers

Worth the Hassel: Try this incredible hasselback technique

All you need is a little precision and a sharp knife to attempt fall’s favorite food trend: the hasselback. Anything but boring, hasselbacked squash and potatoes make for beautiful presentation, whether you’re cooking for friends or a weeknight at home. Small, precise cuts are made down (but not all the way through) the back of the vegetable and brushed with butter or oil. You can check out Food52 for hasselback recipe ideas or The Kitchn for a step-by-step.

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