Vendor Spotlight: Force of Nature

Properly & ethically managed animals are key. How you may ask? In regenerating our planet’s natural resources for a sustainable future and civilization. This is what Force of Nature and their network of Texas farms and ranches believe, and they defy the unthinkable by going above and beyond “grass fed” with an innovative agriculture model that focuses on their animals (bison, wild boar, and heritage breed pork to name a few) the soil, and cultivating a relationship between them. Farmhouse visited Force of Nature’s Roam Ranch in the Hill Country, to see how it all works, and get the lay of the land. Through monitoring the principles of soil health and the indicators of a healthy ecosystem, while preserving the relationship between their animals and the nourishment they provide to the land dating back hundreds of years, they’re able to track and document their personal positive impact on the planet. Partnering with ethically and ecologically minded ranchers like Force of Nature is what drives our mission of supporting small and sustainably centered, with the highest standards of production, and keeps us expanding our network of Texas makers!

Mindful consumption is at the root of healing our bodies and the planet, so let’s start here.

Bison are the original architects of nourishing the soil. Grass-fed, grass-finished and raised on pasture year-round on several family-owned ranches in Texas, they are often supplemented with free choice minerals or mineral blocks. No growth hormones or antibiotics, either. We love their Bison Ancestral Blend in a slider, or with our favorite grain.

How it works: Soil feeds plants and grasses while improving the nutritional value of food, and hooves aerate soil, break up compacted earth, and improve circulation.

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