Vendor Spotlight: Rambler Sparkling Water

Sip local this week with Rambler!


Inspired by Texas road trips, Big Bend, and dips into the “Rio Frio” river, Rambler co-founders Dave Mead, James Moody and Jeff Trucksess conceptualized Rambler Sparkling Water from childhood nostalgia, outdoor adventures near the water, and the preservation of it for future generations. So when we became familiar with the mission of Rambler, and how closely tied they are to our local environment (they work closely with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation to conserve our waters and raise awareness) we were excited to shout their name throughout our big state for all to hear!

Limestone filtered water, an integral ingredient in creating Kentucky bourbon, is the key to their signature flavor – except they use their very own Texas filtration system. It’s crisp, refreshing, and remineralized to remove impurities and protect sensitive water sources in our drought-prone state. Not to mention, it’s sodium-free and injected with the perfect measure of bubbles for the right amount of sparkle and a balanced mouth-feel (that doesn’t tickle your tongue too much or pack an explosive quality that leaves a heavy feeling in your stomach.) Curious about what this experience is like? Reach for a can of Rambler in 2020!

Release your toxins with this zero-proof tonic

Rambler Reset Tonic includes:
6 pack of Rambler Sparkling Water
1 lb Meyer Lemons
8 oz avg Turmeric Root

8 oz avg Ginger Root

Roots are key during the winter. They help ground us and support the root of our digestive tract. The warmth and spice found in these roots also stimulate a strong digestive fire to properly digest and absorb nutrients AKA an efficient metabolism! And because these roots are knobby in appearance, this is nature’s way of telling us they reduce inflammation in your fingers and joints.
Sunshine may be rare during these months but that’s what citrus is for! Fresh and bright, the lemon brings a sour element to stimulate the liver and release toxins- that’s right, it helps your body detox. And although it’s acidic on the outside, when metabolized, lemon becomes the most alkalizing (anti-inflammatory) food you can find!

— Natural Food Chefs and Holistic Health Coaches, Megan Magill and Cara Miller from Simply Seasonal










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