Vendor Spotlight: G&S Groves

Sweet & juicy South Texas Citrus


Is what’s been getting us through the season of scratchy throats and stuffy systems. Plus, peeling back the rind and being met with a bright, zesty explosion is just as satisfying as it is refreshing. G&S Groves in McAllen, Texas is the citrus powerhouse supplying Farmhouse with sweet Hamlin Oranges, tart Rio Red Grapefruit, Meyer Lemons, and Persian Limes this Winter, and taking our toddies, tonics, and tasty marinades to a whole new level. By composting and utilizing plant diversity, they maintain a healthy soil with healthy fruit as a result – no toxic chemicals or renewable fossil fuels necessary.

G&S Groves

Born from an ongoing dream to have a citrus grove, G&S Groves was planted in the early 1930’s by farmers and pioneers, George and Elizabeth Strohmeyer. But when it was wiped out by drought late in that decade – the production was halted. In 1994, David, the son of the Stohmeyer’s, brought it back to life.

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