Vendor Spotlight: Hi-Fi Mycology | Austin, TX

This week’s vendor spotlight is on Hi-Fi Mycology, a Fungi farm started by Sean Henry and Cory Nellissen, the duo with a vision for a circular food system and a passion for mushrooms. If you’re wondering how they stumbled upon mushrooms out of all things, Cory was introduced through the culinary world and Sean from a farming background with experience building some of the largest hydroponic systems in the state.

Harvesting 600 pounds of mushrooms a week and growing several different varieties that take anywhere from two weeks to two months to mature, you could call Hi-Fi Mycology the Mushroom Kings of Texas, especially since they’re the founders of the first urban mushroom farm in Austin. Offering Blue Oyster, King Oyster, locally foraged Texas Oyster, Chestnut, Black Poplar, and Lions Mane mushrooms to name a few, they’ve got it all.

Handing them off to chefs and markets around Austin with the mission to eat local, take care of the land, and bring celebrated restaurant flavors into your kitchen at home, Hi-Fi Mycology is feeding and educating! They even offer “mushroom kits” for a home grown mushroom experience if you’re into a science experiment-turned cuisine.

Tell all your vegan & vegetarian friends in Texas to check out this meat substitute turned medicinal powerhouse for their favorite plant-based dishes. We like them sautéed, baked, roasted, tossed into pastas or topped on pizzas! Whatever route you choose, you will be happy with your choice – your tastebuds will thank you! These varieties are some of the meatiest of mushrooms out there (without the meat!)

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