Vendor Spotlight: Fresh Fronks | Austin, TX

Looking for a new milk alternative for your latte fix? Jordan Fronk will take care of you this season, and into next year.

Her fresh, organic, and sprouted nut milk is made with almonds & cashews and sweetened with dates. Plus they’re unpasteurized, unprocessed, and dairy-free – the trifecta! Fronks (founded by Texas native, Jordan Fronk) is creamy with a hint of sweetness. Whole ingredients, natural sweeteners, and organic nuts make all the difference – especially when they’re freshly soaked, squeezed, and strained.

Now looking ahead to the holidays, Fronks dairy-free alternative to eggnog is a perfectly spiced, lighter take on traditional nog to share with all our vegan (and non-vegan) friends and family this season. There’s something so cozy & comforting about a mug of eggnog to get you into the holiday spirit. This flavor is a perfect fix for our dairy-free folks. You can even spike with a splash of bourbon or rum. And if you’re a latte-in-the-morning type, Fronks steams and foams up really well so you can indulge in your favorite cafe drink orders at-home. We’re talking Cocoa Nut Milk, Vegan Eggnog, Simple, and Original (simple but with a touch of cinnamon!) so you can pick your flavor-mood and go wild in the kitchen.

Every corner of Austin is sipping and loving on Fronks, including the team at Farmhouse. If you haven’t tried alternatives to milk or small-batch brands yet, this is your time!

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