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On August 20th, Austin City Council will decide how many events Springdale Farm will be permitted to host on their property. The decision will shape the financial and operational status of Springdale Farm and set a future precedent for Austin’s local food community.

As a functioning farm in the heart of East Austin, Springdale is on commercially-zoned property and seeks to hold a limited number of community events such as farm tours, educational events, cooking classes and weddings on their 5-acre property.

Springdale Farm grows organic fruits and vegetables, providing healthy food for Austin’s residents and restaurants. Their contribution to our community’s sustainability efforts as well as food and farm education are invaluable to the character of our city. Without their ability to offer events on the farm, Springdale will cease to be able to function as a viable business.

We ask that you offer your voice and support to help carry Springdale through this final City Council meeting. Please take a moment to visit this link if you would like to sign the petition to allow Springdale access to event permitting on their land and please share with friends. Springdale has given us all so much and now we’re honored to make an effort to give back.

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2 thoughts on “We Are Springdale

  1. Maybe the owner or another Yelper can explain what s going on here, but if you are serious about eating organically, you should investigate Farmhouse Delivery further. I m a member Johnson s Backyard Garden CSA get a better selection of veggies from that one single farm.

  2. CommunityFHD on said:

    Hi Weldon,

    Thank you for supporting your Texas farmers. However you choose to source your local fruits and vegetables, we’re always happy to hear when folks are eating local. While we agree with you that JBG is a great asset to the local food community, our business model is built around supporting many Texas-local farms and ranches. Unfortunately, not all farms can reach the same scale of production and variety as JBG, but they still need our support. That’s why our delivery service offers fruits and vegetables from multiple farms, allowing us to supply a wider variety of produce to our customers, while offering farmers throughout central Texas an outlet to sell their food beyond farmers markets.

    To speak to your concern over organic eating, almost every bite of food our members receive from us is grown and raised using organic practices. Many smaller-scale farmers are unable to pay for the official organic certification, but still produce using sustainable and organic methods. We are careful to vet our farmers to ensure that they’re offering the healthiest, safest, and highest quality product available.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer experience manager. He can be reached at info@farmhousedelivery.com or 512.529.8569

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