Working From Home: Staying Sane


What. a. week. First there was an outbreak, then a string of event cancellations, a declared global pandemic, and now, social distancing. This is where we’ve arrived…fast. After a whirlwind of headlines and declarations, our community is hurting. We have felt speechless and fearful. And although uncertainty is at an all-time high, we are now in adjust, adapt, and make-it-work mode… because we are a strong and resilient community fully committed to supporting our counterparts (both big and small), including all of y’all – the heart of our business.

If you’re reading this, you’ve been impacted in one way or another – schools closing, offices moving their workforce online, and a total of six states so far ordering restaurants and bars to close, hitting our culinary friends, hard.

As we move our lives indoors and out of the public sphere, it can feel like there’s so much to do, and nothing to do, all at once. We want to help one another, but often don’t know how. For those who are working from home this week (and indefinitely)  we wanted to offer some of our saving-graces for getting things done, staying sane, managing responsibilities, and most of all, making the most of this strange, but temporary hiatus.

Working From Home

  • Do you have a laptop tray? It gives you the illusion of a desk, with a smooth space to set your laptop down. Not to mention, it makes working from bed very very efficient
  • Are your video conference calls choppy with a bad connection? Turn your camera off and participate with audio-only
  • If working from home is new to you, try and create a workspace that feels professional, and mirrors your office/desk space. Try working from the dining table rather than the couch or a lounge chair! 
  • Parenting and working at the same time is a new challenge. Not sure how to entertain your kids while you have a full plate of work? Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for educational games, plus book and movie reviews. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, head to their coronavirus resource tab. Looking for alternative schooling options? Outschool offers live online classes for kids ages 3-18 starting at $5/class 

    Lunch Time & Snacking

  • Social interaction is still vitally important to our mental health, and company culture. Missing your friends or coworkers? Go for a face-time salad date on your lunch break
  • When in doubt: grains and legumes! Easy meal-prep solutions on our minds this week: quinoa grain bowls, shaved vegetable salad using your leftover quinoa (and to enjoy raw zucchini in a new way) and lentil soup (easy to reheat or freeze and save) 
  • Snacks, for the apocalypse and beyond: Wunderkeks cookie dough (delicious straight out of the tub or on a baking sheet).  Grain-free tortilla chips from Siete Family Foods. The best hummus we’ve ever had. Culina dairy-free yogurt ( heaven in a cup.) Yogurt. Grass-fed Bison Jerky for a power snack
  • Caffeination: Nitro Cacao for a healthy boost of energy, without the crash. Chocolate Chai is next-level delicious. Looking for a new creamer? Sub your half-and-half or Fronks nut milk

Fresh Air & Fresh Flowers

  • Take a lap around the block, and listen to a podcast about self-healing through food. One of our favorites!
  • Brings some life and color to your space with fresh flowers
  • If you have a porch, deck, or green space, why not do an online yoga class and get some fresh air at the same time? A little sun, a little sweat, and a way to release your energy & get your blood flowing

Making Light, Escaping Headlines

Mute your NY Times news alerts for a few hours and listen to the internet discuss some of their Weirdest panic purchases – laughing is important! Swap out “Happy Birthday” with a new 25-second ballad while washing your hands. inspiration here

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