How To Support Your Local Texas Economy


Our commitment to supporting local communities through food, supporting Texas farmers, and supporting our local economies is radically important right now. As a business, supporting the retailers, farmers, and ranchers in our community has always come naturally to us, because that’s the core of our mission. However, when it comes to supporting local as a consumer, there can be a learning curve, and it’s not always, well…obvious. If there’s one thing we Texans do best, it’s taking care of each other, so let’s talk about how we can lift up the makers in our community during these times of uncertainty.

Get To Know Your Vendors

The best way to do it is by exploring our network of producers. Do a deeper dive on our blog and learn about their unique missions: why they do what they do, what inspires them, their growing practices, etc. After you’ve done some research, go shopping! We take pride in being a one-stop-shop so you can support multiple small businesses, all in one shopping trip.

Take Small Cooking Classes

To further support passionate grocery vendors and restaurant owners, and grow your understanding of farm-fresh cooking. Beloved friend of Farmhouse and vendor, Thai Fresh, offers classes on everything from Vegetarian Thai favorites, Thai Noodles and Curries to Heat Lovers. Sign up here!

Make Tax-Deductable Donations, Any Amount Helps!

This will make it possible to launch new programs to support our local, sustainable farmers in the Austin community and beyond. Use this form to donate to the Sustainable Food Center (dedicated to equitable food systems) or the Austin Community Foundation and show some love to all the entrepreneurs and local growers. Donate to more individual business owners, freelancers here.

Bank Locally

Keep your money at your local bank (or at a credit union). It’s often cheaper and keeps the money in your community. Because small local banks make most of their loans within the community, they are therefore more community-driven.

Buy Upcycled Produce

Grown using local compost, Joe’s Organics urban farm collects food waste from businesses and restaurants around Austin, and uses them to grow and harvest microgreens, fruits, and veggies. This way, you are repurposing tons of food that would have been wasted, and benefiting your local businesses (and not the landfills!)









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