Be a Zero Waste Hero: How We Can All Help Make a Difference

Did you know that annually, roughly one-third of all food generated for human consumption is wasted? That’s four times the amount of food needed to completely eliminate global hunger! Food waste impacts economic, environmental, and social sustainability through impeded development, wasted natural resources, and pollution. Food waste also burdens our global food system, challenging nations to meet food demands without risking the resources and health of future generations.

Is it important to you to make a difference? The good news is you can! There is no single solution to ending food waste. If we all chip in, and change our behaviors both collectively and individually, we have everything required to redistribute and rescue potentially wasted foods, and we can educate the public on food waste prevention to improve responsible use of foods. At Farmhouse Delivery our goal is to make every effort we can to support the sustainability of our food system while also bringing nutritious, healthy food to your door.

What is Farmhouse Delivery doing about food waste?

At Farmhouse Delivery, we take extensive steps to reduce food surplus and waste. We operate utilizing sustainable practices from production to delivery. For example, all our deliveries are packaged with reusable containers (e.g. durable bins, soft-sided bags). We also create delicious sauces, stocks, and dressings made from our surplus produce. Farmhouse Delivery even takes reducing food waste a step further, employing the creative vision of executive chef Matt Taylor to repurpose imperfect produce into tasty, waste-free dishes. What is imperfect produce you ask? Produce sometimes becomes slightly blemished in transit to our facility, however these imperfections do not impact taste or quality of our foods. In fact, we often list these items at a discounted cost on our “What’s New” page. This is a way for our customers to participate in our zero waste efforts and save money in the process!

What can you do to reduce food waste?

You might not be aware, but of all food waste, nearly 35% occurs directly from consumers. Most of us don’t realize how much food we throw away, whether it be leftovers or spoiled produce. That means you too can have a huge impact on reducing global food waste!

  • Support organizations and vendors (like Farmhouse Delivery) who have zero waste initiatives.
  • Plan meals for the week before you go shopping and only purchase what is needed for those meals.
  • Shop your refrigerator or pantry first before shopping to avoid buying items you already have.
  • Investigate the best ways to store fruits and vegetables so they stay fresh longer.
  • Freeze your surplus fruits and vegetables – they make excellent additions to smoothies or soups!
  • Many fruits give off natural gases as they ripen, spoiling nearby produce more quickly. Store bananas, apples, and tomatoes alone or in different bins.
  • Wait to wash berries until you plan to eat them.
  • At restaurants, order only what you can finish. Take home any leftovers and keep them or repurpose them for your next meal.
  • Remember that untouched, unexpired foods can be donated to a number of food banks or charities to help those in need.
  • Start composting leftover food scraps. 30% of everything consumers throw away are food scraps that should be composted. Composting is easy to do, is great for the soil, and reduces your carbon footprint! For more great information, check out this simple guide to composting for beginners:

This blog was contributed by nutrition enthusiast Lindsey Menge, MS. Lindsey earned her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Texas State University and is currently completing her dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian. Her nutrition interests include worksite wellness programs, food sustainability, and pediatric feeding practices.

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