Calling All Gumbo Masters!


Are you a master of the gumbo pot? King of roux? Enter Farmhouse Delivery’s 4th annual Gumbo Cook Off and show everyone what you’re made of!

Up to 14 teams will compete to win prizes and the honor of being Gumbo Champion at this year’s Fais Do-Do & Gumbo Cook off on February 27, 2016. We’ll allow teams to set up their tents and cooking stations at Rain Lily Farm as early as 7:30 am to serve at 1pm (gumbo is a marathon, not a sprint, people!) to event attendees and judges. To reserve your spot to compete, click the ‘buy now button’ to pay the $35 entry fee. Enrollment will close once we reserve all 14 spots, or by February 5th. To see the full list of rules, please scroll just below the entry fee button.

Put on your chef’s hat and break out those stirring paddles, it’s time for gumbo, y’all!



  1. All chefs: please provide me, Lisa Tridle, the following information about your gumbo team via email to
    1. Team Name
    2. Team Leader Name, Phone Number, & Email
    3. Names of Team Members
    4. Will you be bringing rice?
  2. Entry fee is $35 per team, payable online
  3. All entries must be submitted by February, 7th, 2016
  1. Each contestant/team will be expected to follow the “Temporary Food Service Requirements” issued by the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department. We will provide hand washing stations, and a sink to rinse dishes in if necessary. We will also provide each team with a “Temporary Food Establishment Permit.”


  1. Up to 14 teams may compete in the Gumbo Cook-off
  2. Each team may not exceed 4 members
  3. Each team is encouraged to bring a sign with their team name written on it. We recommend poster board size (22’’W x 28”L). The bigger, the better! We want attendees to know what team they’re voting for!
  4. Have fun with it! Feel free to bring decor, wear costumes, etc. The more flair the better, as far as we’re concerned!


  1. All gumbo ingredients must be made from scratch on site (with exception to your stock, as we do understand that can be a hefty time commitment). This does include your roux. No pre-packaged or pre-made roux allowed!
  1. We WILL allow butter as a roux base in this year’s competition.
  2. Be prepared to make at least 5 gallons of gumbo. Attendees will be served in 2 ounce tasting cups. Each of the judges will be given 4 ounce tastes.
  1. Serving cups & spoons, paper towels, and waste containers will be provided for each of the teams by Farmhouse Delivery.
  1. All portable heating elements and cookware must be provided by the chef. NO GENERATORS ALLOWED. All heating must be portable (propane powered) heat.
  1. Gumbo must be ready for tasting at 1pm the day of the event.
  2. Teams are required to bring their own 10×10 pop-up tent and one 6’ table per two chefs, i.e. for a four-person team, we recommend two tables, hosting two chefs per table. ( will rent 10×10 tents for $40 per day)
  1. Serving rice with your gumbo is optional. If you choose to serve rice, we encourage you to cook it beforehand. If you will be serving rice, you must inform us by February 20th, so we can make necessary power arrangements to warm the rice.


  1. LOAD-IN will start as early as 7:30am and will end at 9:30am. Set-up spaces are first come, first serve. Driveway space allows for 2 teams to load in at one time.
  2. All chefs must load in and have vehicles removed from grounds by 10am. As a courtesy to other contestants, please try to minimize load-in time (15 minutes is ideal). Assistance unloading will be provided upon request.
  3. Once you have unloaded your equipment, please find off-site parking. Nearby street parking should be available. We can keep an eye on your equipment while you’re parking.
  4. LOAD-OUT will start at 5pm. Volunteers & employees will be there to help with unloading, but please be patient, as we must maintain safety for attendees by keeping the grounds free of vehicle clutter.


  1. There will be 5-6 judges at the event.
  2. Judge tastings will commence at 2 pm
  3. Prizes will be given out for 4 different categories:
    1. 1st Place People’s Choice (voted for by festival attendees)
    2. Runner Up People’s Choice (voted for by festival attendees)
    3. 1st Place Judge’s Favorite (voted for by festival judges)
    4. Runner Up Judge’s Favorite (voted for by festival judges)

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