Full Quiver is Back!

We couldn’t be more delighted to tell you the news that the inimitable Full Quiver Farms will be back on the Farmhouse Delivery shelves again. In July, we saw Full Quiver patriarch, Mike Sams, announce his well-deserved retirement, passing the business along to his son, who currently manages the family-run farm. As a result, distribution was limited to locations closer to the farm’s Kemp, Texas address. Since that day, we’ve been struggling through Full Quiver cheese-hab (a term coined so cleverly by Full Quiver-craving customer Yvette), itching to jump back off the wagon and dive teeth-first into a giant wedge of raw-milk cheddar.

Thanks to our recent expansion into Dallas, we happily found ourselves within their distribution area, allowing us to once again deliver some of Texas’ very best cheese (plus their delicious breakfast sausage links…win!) right to your front door.

So Full Quiver, with crackers in hand, we say welcome back and pass the cheese, please!

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