Earth Mothers


The mothers in our farming community take care of us all, making sure we have good things to eat and caring for the land we share at the same time. This Mother’s Day, we’ll be honoring all the true Earth Mothers in our farming community–here’s how a few of them celebrate their special day:

Marysol Valle, Fat Frog Farm – As a mom and farmer, my kids are spending the first few years of their lives mostly naked, barefoot, dirt-covered and bug-bitten (I say the bug bites are their organic stamp)! I have the joy of watching my children grow up on  the farm, and have seen true freedom in their eyes as they grow, a kind of freedom I still sometimes have a hard time finding.

Katie Pitre, Tecolote Farm – Mother’s Day often seems to fall around the first green bean harvest. Since my husband traditionally worked the CSA harvest on Sundays with our crew (and we wanted to free him up to make a Mothers Day feast!), I would take the kids out to the green bean field with me for an hour or so on Mothers Day to help the crew harvest.

Julie Braune, Braune Family Farm – For the last few years, we’ve enjoyed the Mother’s Day tradition of taking the afternoon to go fishing. I rarely get the opportunity to do anything but tend to the farm–it’s pretty much a 24/7 job–so taking an afternoon to relax as a family is a real joy.

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