Farmers: The Unsung Heroes

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Farmhouse Delivery is proud to work with small-scale farmers and producers throughout Texas. We are passionate supporters of the local food movement, and want to make it convenient, affordable and exciting to eat fresh, seasonal local food.

We only work with high-quality Texas growers and producers who use organic methods and go the extra mile. They make sure their crops are harvested at the right time and that their products are packaged with care. These family farms, ranches and artisans are naturally more affected by unpredictable weather and the realities of a small operation.

For example, due to the mild summer we’ve had, farmers were hoping for a late crop of strawberries. We took orders, and then a short heat wave came through and the berries didn’t make it. And yet the same weather pattern gave us an abundance of tasty tomatoes and some of the most perfect peaches we’ve ever tasted.

When this happens, we embrace the harvest and offer substitutions in your bushels. We all know these realities are the nature of working with the best small growers and artisans. Our goal is to help you plan accordingly and still maintain the quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Another producer creates all of his chocolates by hand in small batches. He took a well-deserved vacation and then extended it another two weeks. It’s summertime and we love his work, so we look forward to the renewed energy he’ll bring when he’s back.

After all, one of the beauties of eating locally is being in touch with the seasons, the weather and the people in our communities. We love sharing it all with you, sharing the best food available, and enjoying the handiwork of our local growers and food artisans.

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