Up Your Chef Game with Finishing Salts

Salt is essential to any dish, elevating savory notes and complementing all sorts of sweetness in food. Finishing salts are a key component in any chef’s repertoire, garnishing with flavor and texture. From an impressive seared steak to whisking into vinaigrettes for a boost of flavor, opt for finishing salts filled with dried herbs, whole spices, or dehydrated citrus rind to give your dish an extra boost.
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Finish a Steak

Properly searing a steak takes time and patience, but the payoff is always worth it. Impress your guests with a perfectly cooked steak (like this Salt and Pepper Rib Eye), finished with good-quality butter and a generous sprinkle of herb or garlic salt.

Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit

Roast Vegetables

If you’re not one for a whole steak (or meat in general), opt for tossing vegetables (How to Perfectly Roast Vegetables) in a small amount of oil and finishing salt of choice. Roast on high heat until soft and crispy around the edges.

Recipe Credit: Taste Love and Nourish

Make Compound Butter

Need a simple side to serve with dinner? Warm some rustic, crusty bread (The Best Garlic Bread) with herb and garlic compound butter. Simply soften unsalted butter and fold in your finishing salt of choice. Taste and adjust ratios as needed.

Recipe Credit: Ambitious Kitchen

Marinate Olives

Finishing salt has its place in every meal- including snacks! Toss olives (Marinated Olives) in good quality olive oil and a generous pinch of an herb or garlic finishing salt.

Recipe Credit: Gourmande in the Kitchen

Perfect Roast Chicken

There is no better Sunday meal than the perfect roast chicken. Perfectly crisp and juicy on the outside, this gorgeous roast can only benefit from a simple sprinkle of a finishing salt. Go for a smoky paprika salt for a barbecue-style flavor or a citrus and fennel salt for a sophisticated edge.

Recipe Credit: NYT Cooking

Whisk Into Dressings 

Fresh herbs not available? Dried herbs work just as well when incorporated into a finishing salt. Whisk a flavored herb salt into fresh citrus juice (like lime or lemon juice) to brighten up any salad (Whole Orange and Thyme Vinaigrette).

Recipe Credit: Whole Food Bellies

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