DIY Grain Bowls

One of our favorite ways to figure out our meal planning on the fly is a veggie-packed grain bowl. We recommend cooking up a big batch of your favorite nutrient-dense grain (quinoa, brown rice mix, or farro) and topping with fresh or cooked veggies throughout the week. Base your bowl’s flavors off of what appears in your Produce Box delivery each week for the best results! Read on for inspired ideas for dressings and toppings for your DIY Grain Bowl.

Step 1: One Part Grains

Cook up a big batch of grains at the beginning of the week for easy sides, salads, and lunches. We love brown & wild rice and nutrient-dense options such as quinoa! More Recipes: How to Cook Any Whole Grain

Step 2:
One Part Protein

Soft boiled eggs, gulf shrimp, cubed tofu or other meats are great for a grain bowl. Use up leftovers from dinner the night before! More Recipes: Garlicky Black Pepper Shrimp | Jammy Soft Boiled Eggs

Step 3: One Part Veggies

Steam, roast, or pan-fry fresh veggies to really round out your bowl. Add exotic spice blends like za’atar or ras el hanout or keep it simple with smoked paprika or red chile flakes. Veggies should amount for up to half of your meal. More Recipes: Za’atar Sweet Potatoes | Spicy Chile Garlic Broccoli

Step 4: Brighten with Dressing

We love our Seasonal Herb Vinaigrette or a simple drizzle of olive oil and squeeze of fresh lemon. You could also make your own vinaigrette with a unique vinegar, fresh herbs, or wildflower honey for bold flavor. More Recipes: Creamy Herb Dressing Sesame Dressing | Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Step 5: Top With Crunch and Texture

Toast panko breadcrumbs with garlicky olive oil or top a mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds for extra texture. Chopped spiced nuts are also a great option! More Recipes: Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds | Garlic Breadcrumbs

Get started with your new eating plan by having fresh, local vegetables delivered straight to your door. Farmhouse Produce Boxes arrive with in-season Texas veggies, weekly or biweekly, to inspire your healthful eating. Click here to learn more.

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