Meet The Chef: Matt Taylor, Farmhouse Kitchen

Meet the man behind your meal kit; Chef Matt Taylor has been cooking for over 15 years with notable Texan restaurants under his belt (Wink, Swift’s Attic). After beginning his career working in the produce department at a health food store, he became seriously interested in food and began cooking at home for himself, trying new cuisines and techniques. Chef Matt understands the challenges of cooking at home and he is passionate about the benefits of cooking good, local food for you and your family.  “This curiosity hasn’t gone away- cooking is my favorite thing to do professionally and personally,” said Matt.

Today, Matt develops menu items for the weekly Supper Club Meal Kits and oversees a team of experienced cooks to create globally-inspired meals made from local Texas ingredients. Read on for more about Chef Matt and how his passion translates into the meal kits delivered to your door each week.

What are your priorities when it comes to developing Supper Club meals? What cuisines inspire you?

“Supper Club meals need to be all about showcasing the beautiful product we receive from our local farmers and ranchers. I try to do this with a global influence because I just love food from all over and I am so curious about other places in the world. It doesn’t matter if I’ve never been to that country- I read, daydream, and try out the techniques I learn about. Food fascinates me and I want to share this with our customers and give them this knowledge in a easy, approachable and delicious way.”

How does eating locally influence the way you create dishes? What unique challenges and advantages does eating locally present?

“Eating locally and seasonally is the only way to be! If you want the best tasting food, you get the best seasonal product from local sources. If you find that limes aren’t available, another type of in-season citrus definitely works (but may require some adjustment to the recipe). True cooking is making food that satisfies your heart and palate. It’s all about working with food that is in season and using what is available to you, using it in the moment and to the best of your abilities.

When you’re off the clock, what do you like to cook for yourself?

“Currently, my favorite thing to cook at home is Asian-inspired food, Thai as of late. I also have a dish that I’ve been making for years that a friend calls ‘Million Dollar Chicken’. The idea was borrowed from the way the Japanese grill food (Yakitori). This chicken uses Tare, which is a soy-based sauce using roasted chicken bones and aromatics like garlic, ginger and scallions. The sauce is brushed on the meat while it grills. I love to grill whole chickens, slow and low (American BBQ style) and brush this sauce on. I’ll serve it with ginger rice and loads of torn herbs like basil and cilantro. My friends and I will sit around the bird and eat with our hands, taking off pieces and wrapping them in lettuce for wraps. It’;s delicious, messy and satisfying. It is my favorite meal, mainly because it makes my friends so happy.”

To check out Chef Matt’s Supper Club Meal Kits, visit our website for more details!

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