Vendor Spotlight: Rambler Sparkling Water

Austin has a new can in town, and it’s filled to the brim with carbonated limestone-filtered water! Rambler Sparkling Water is the newest mineral water to hit the Central Texas market and is now available in your Farmhouse Delivery. This water is triple-filtered with added minerals to make an especially refreshing beverage. Our friends at Rambler (who happen to be our awesome officemates in the Austin warehouse!) shared more about what makes their sparkling water different, and how supporting the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation with every purchase defines their brand:


What inspired Rambler Sparkling Water? How is it ideally enjoyed?

We found ourselves addicted to sparkling water (Topo Chico and LaCroix) and we were determined to create an option for Austinites  – a Texas sparkling water alternative.

Our brand was created with the adventure seekers in mind.  Those who enjoy exploring this vast state, searching for hidden Texas gems and cooling off in clear limestone swimming holes discovered along the way.

On the road, by the pool, or in a craft cocktail, Rambler is best-served ice cold!


What makes Rambler Sparkling Water different? 

Rambler is a new, one-of-a-kind Texas Limestone Filtered Sparkling Water from Austin, TX.  Tripled filtered and remineralized for a memorable flavor, Rambler is in a category of one.  Our unique bubble profile makes Rambler an easy all-day drinker or the perfect mixer.  We’re the ONLY product proudly supporting Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

Limestone filtration is part of our proprietary filtration process which utilizes only Texas-sourced limestone. Texas Limestone Filtration is one of three filtration systems used to give Rambler its unique taste profile.


What are the benefits of adding minerals to sparkling water?

Unfortunately, many purification processes can strip all naturally occurring minerals from water, resulting in a “thin” taste.

We added a proprietary blend of minerals to give Rambler the natural, refreshing, hydrating taste you should expect.

Additionally, mineral water has many benefits including the following: (Source: Style Craze)

  1. Promotes bone health (rich in calcium)
  2. Regulates body fat (helps break down fat)
  3. Manages blood pressure (magnesium and calcium provide electrolyte balance)
  4. Reduces cardiac disease (hampers the growth of LDL)
  5. Reduces acidity (contains sulfates)


How do you support your community? Why is it important to you to give back?

Rambler is the only sparkling water supporting Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. In an effort to help protect and preserve Texas parks, lands and waterways, Rambler will donate a portion of our annual proceeds to the Foundation.



Add Rambler Sparkling Water to your weekly delivery to keep your fridge stocked with this new Austin favorite!

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