Celebrate The Last Sweet Days Of Summer

“Growing up, my family would throw a back-to-school bash at the end of summer celebrating those last sweet days of freedom. I remember everyone in the neighborhood was invited over- “Well, we don’t have a fence!” my mother said. We would grill out and have fireworks and I will always remember those annual gatherings,” -Rachel Johnson, Farmhouse Delivery Marketing Team

With the frantic scramble to savor those last few days of summer, having the big bash sounds like a blast, but let’s maybe nix the whole ‘plan’ part.You don’t have to get crazy with party ‘extras’ like decorations or favors, all you need is a neighborhood pool, park, or backyard to keep the kiddos busy while you keep the school supply list flipped over on the fridge for one more day.

How to Throw a Sweet Summer Celebration

Step 1: Get Outside

If you’re not lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you are definitely lucky enough to live in a state that has plenty of public swimming options. From Bartholomew Pool in North Austin to Blue Hole in Wimberley, there are so many ways to cool off. If you’re only a few minutes from the coast, you can take your summer celebration to the sand (and send us a postcard while you’re at it!).


Step 2: Use What You’ve Got

We know everyone has a closet or drawer that’s filled with things you’ve bought once, and haven’t looked at again. Some call it a junk drawer, some call it ‘the closet they don’t open’, but there’s got to be some stray balloons, sprinkles, or party supplies in there. Jazz up premade treats (like Skull and Cakebones Vegan Cupcakes!) with some leftover cake decorations, and add some flair to your food table with curls of ribbons and colored napkins.

Step 3: Frozen Pizza is Your Friend

Frozen Bola Pizzas are an awesome alternative to ordering in; you’re getting restaurant-quality pizza at home, any time you’d like. Stock up your freezer for an impromptu summer celebration, maybe after the last day of camp or the weekend before school starts. Preheat your oven to 475° and each pizza crisps to perfection in less than six minutes. You can your own toppings like extra basil, crumbled sausage, or steamed vegetables for a complete dinner.

Step 4Stay Hydrated

It is essential to pay attention to how much water you’re consuming, especially while you’re having fun at the best party of the year (duh!). Forget cups; Fill up a cooler with a variety of bottled drinks so that everyone can have a choice. Richard’s Happy Sparkling Rainwater is our favorite water to have on hand; it doesn’t have a minerally taste like other popular fizzy waters.

Step 5: Party Playlist

We are listening to ‘Counterfeit’ by Spree Wilson, ‘Fanfare’ by Magic City Hippies and ‘Walking on a Dream’ by Empire of the Sun. Chill and breezy music is the name of the game, let Spotify do the rest.

Step 6: Pick Your Party Food

Add Bola Pizza, Skull and Cakebones Vegan Cupcakes (New!), and Richard’s Happy Sparkling Rainwater to your weekly delivery. Wait for Farmhouse Delivery to deliver your bushel or supper club subscription along with your party supplies!

Want to join in on the fun? We’d love to see your summer celebration photos on Instagram! Tag us @farmhousedelivery to engage with our team.

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