Veg Out! For the Week of 7.3.17

A Peek Inside Next Week’s Bushel*

Photo Credit: Marie Saba


7/3/17 Next Week’s Large Bushel:

Blackberries (1 pint) or Peaches (1 lb avg),Carrots ( (1 lb avg) or Sweet Corn (2 ears), Cucumbers (1 lb avg), Eggplant (1 lb avg) or Asian Long Red Beans
(1/2 lb avg),Lettuce (1 head), Mixed Potatoes (1 lb avg),
Okra (1 lb),Shishitos (1/2 lb avg) or Jalapenos (1/2 lb avg), Tomatoes (1 lb avg)

7/3/17 Next Week’s Medium Bushel:

Lettuce (1 head) Mangoes (2 each) or Peaches (1 lb avg), Mixed Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Beets (1 lb avg) or Red Potatoes (1 lb avg), Sweet Corn (2 ears), Tomatoes (1 lb avg)



Learning to cook seasonally can be daunting. We know that the relief that comes from not having to brave the grocery store aisles or the crowded farmers market stalls is often outweighed by the slight panic you might feel when presented with a bushel overflowing with produce.

We brought the food to your door, we want to make sure it makes it into your belly. We’ve combed our brains and our favorite recipe indexes to bring you a list of ways to use your bushel throughout the week. Stick with us and you’ll be a master at seasonal cooking in no time.


Beat Heat with One Pan Spice Suppers


On hot Texas days, relief from the heat is hard to find. Although it may seem counter intuitive, eating spicy foods helps cool you off on a summer’s day better than a cold drink or ice cream would. The spice causes your internal temperature to match the temperatures outside so you sweat and your body cools down. Et Voila! Science aside, mastering the art of a good spicy curry dish or stir fry is key to seasonal cooking.

Once you’ve found your favorite combination of spices and sauces you’ll be able to throw any veggie into a pan and go! For now check out this bean and vegetable curry and this summer stir fry. Both recipes utilize your eggplant, long beans, potatoes and peppers.




Don’t be Afraid to Keep it Clean & Simple

Sometimes our desire to be master chefs gets the best of us. A recipe doesn’t need a mile-long ingredient list to taste good. In fact, we often find that with summer produce, the fewer ingredients the better.

Okra and shishito peppers are both bite size explosions of flavor by themselves. Just a few spices and a sprinkling of salt highlight their bright flavors instead of muddling them. The trick is to grill them gently for a slight hint of smokiness.

India Spiced Grilled Okra with Buttermilk Herb Dipping Sauce 

Citrus Grilled Shishito Peppers

And while you’re at it, throw some corn on the grill or griddle with a small slather of honey! Grilled Honey Garlic Corn on the Cob


Remember it’s Five-o-clock Somewhere!

Our secret to staying sane while eating clean and seasonally? Taking our bushels to the bar with us. If a drink has fruit or veggies in it it’s healthy right? Even if mixed drinks and cocktails aren’t your thing, take advantage of delicious summer fruits by making infused waters or virgin spritzers.

To really wow the brunch crowd, use your tomatoes and peppers and make your own bloody mary or michelada mix .

Who needs frosé when you can make mango (or peach) and basil sparkling spritzers?

Use your blackberries to make simple syrup for Blackberry Citrus Sangria.



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