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A Peek Inside Next Week’s Bushel*

Photo Credit: Marie Saba


6/26/17 Next Week’s Large Bushel: 

Cucumbers (1lb avg), Juliet Tomatoes (1 pint), Leeks (1 bunch) or Carrots (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), Mixed Summer Squash (1 lb avg) Plums (1 lb avg) Shishitos (1/2 lb) or Banana Peppers (1/2lb) Sweet Corn (2 ears), Yukon Red or Gold Potatoes (1 lb avg)

6/26/17 Next Week’s Medium Bushel:

Juliet Tomatoes (1 pint), Lettuce (1 head), Mixed Onions (1 lb avg) or Red Potatoes (1 lb avg) Mixed Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Plums (1 lb avg) or Figs (1 pint), Sweet Corn (2 ears)

Learning to cook seasonally can be daunting. We know that the relief that comes from not having to brave the grocery store aisles or the crowded farmers market stalls is often outweighed by the slight panic you might feel when presented with a bushel overflowing with produce.

We brought the food to your door, we want to make sure it makes it into your belly. We’ve combed our brains and our favorite recipe indexes to bring you a list of ways to use your bushel throughout the week. Stick with us and you’ll be a master at seasonal cooking in no time.


Start with Sauces

In the summer a vinaigrette is your best friend. Incredibly versatile and impossible to ruin, start with a basic vinaigrette base and add to it depending on your produce.

plums, peppers, or tomatoes all make for an excellent vinaigrette. Click the names for some of our favorite recipes or experiment on your own. For brighter flavors blend in selected produce raw, for a more subtle taste, roast, stew or cook produce before adding.

Once you have your vinaigrette for the week, enjoy it over a salad of greens, cucumbers, even roasted squash. Toss hearty veggies like potatoes, carrots, and onions with vinaigrette to coat and roast in the oven. Marinate meats over night in your vinaigrette and add flavorful protein to any veggie side.


Treat Vegetables like an Entree

Calabacitas is a staple dish in many Latin American households, and its no wonder, this hearty meal made from squash and other veggies can be prepared year round thanks to abundance of squash each season.

Thinly slice summer squash and onions or leeks and place in a sauté pan over medium heat with 1 tbs olive oil. Sauté until onion has become slightly tender. Add tomatoes to pan along with 1/8 cup water or broth of choice, 1 tsp cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Cover pan and allow to steam, stirring occasionally. Once the veggies are tender- but not too soggy- add in your sweet corn. Stir to combine. Cook for 1 minute, remove from heat and enjoy! Eat plain or with tortillas.

Optional Add ons:

-Before removing pan from heat, sprinkle in a handful of mozzerella cheese. Stir until cheese has melted and is evenly distributed among veggies.

-Add spice and additional flavor with shishitos. De-stem and cut into thin strips, add to squash.

-Top with grilled chicken or fajita steak.

Take your Tex-Mex flavored week one step forward with Summer Verde Enchiladas another way to put your squash and pepper to good use!


Top it Off and Cool it Down


From calabacita tacos to grilled meats, everything goes well with freshly made salsa. Take your cukes in a different direction with spicy cucumber salsa.

There’s nothing better than a pot of soup to come home to after a long day. But hot soup on a sweltering summer’s day isn’t going to make anyone excited about the season. Try something a little out of your wheelhouse this week and whip up a chilled Persian cucumber soup.







**Bushel ingredients are subject to change. Occasionally, harvest complications may cause minor changes in the contents of your bushel. Every Tuesday, we will update the current bushel on the main page of our website, so please keep an eye out for an up-to-date photo and bushel list.

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