Complete Farmhouse Delivery Easter Lunch Menu

Happy Easter, Farmhouse friends! We hope your holiday lunch table is bright, beautiful, and filled with local springtime favorites. Looking for a seasonally-inspired Easter Lunch idea? See our favorite recipes, driven by fresh produce and seasonal meats sourced in Texas.

Appetizer: Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs

“These eggs are not for the timid, but they are so lively and packed with flavor! Perfect on their own or smashed onto a piece of hearty toast, they make an excellent breakfast or anytime snack.

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Our Turkeys are So Texan, They Wear Turkey Boots

Thank you for choosing a Texan Turkey for your Thanksgiving table! In order for your bird to embrace its full Texan potential, we’ve created paper cutout boots (instructions included) for you and your family to enjoy together.

Post a photo of your Thanksgiving bird in Turkey Boots with #MyTexanTurkey and be entered to win a Farmhouse Prize Pack! Click here to download the free printable boots.

You Will Need:



Turkey Boots Printout

Step 1:

Cut along solid lines.

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Complete Farmhouse Delivery Thanksgiving Menu

Happy Thanksgiving, Farmhouse friends! We want you to have a bountiful dinner table, filled with nutritionally-dense dishes made with delicious, local ingredients. We are offering up our ideal menu, completely driven by in-season produce and meats sourced in Texas.


The best way to keep your kitchen clear of hungry guests is to put out an appetizer plate. A cheese plate is a great way to keep the adults happy, but you could also put out some raw, snacky veggies for the little ones.

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The Ultimate Curry Dinner Game Plan

If there’s one game plan that will always be a dinner favorite, it’s got to be curry. A variety of proteins and vegetable options combine with rich, flavorful curry sauces for a dinner win, every time. Follow our Curry Gameplan Chart to customize your curry, tailored to your tastebuds.


In a large, heavy-bottomed pot, start with a quick saute of minced garlic and ginger in sesame oil over medium heat. Cook chicken thighs, cubes of tofu, or even get started on some beef short ribs (add 1 cup of beef stock to deglaze the pan and ensure even cooking when using beef).

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Get Texas on the Table with Supper Club Meal Delivery

Sheet Pan Miso Shrimp with Roasted Eggplant, Mushrooms and Sweet Peppers over Brown Rice 

Look, we get it- it’s hard to to get to work on time, get all the homework done, maybe think about sorting the laundry, keep up with the headlines, and everything else in between– sometimes mindful eating doesn’t always seem doable. We hear all too often that dinner is a challenge, whether you’re trying to get your partner to like vegetables as much as you do or you’re a parent who is balancing making ‘adult’

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