Good Gut: Including More Fermented Foods In Your Diet

Easy Braised Kimchi Chicken

Cookbook author Julia Turshen uses only five main ingredients—chicken, kimchi, garlic, scallions and oil—to make one of the tastiest and simplest braises

Recipe: Food and Wine


Chicken Sausage with Potatoes and Sauerkraut

Here’s our weeknight version of “dressed sauerkraut,” made with chicken sausage. And although any type of sauerkraut can be used, we prefer the crisp texture of refrigerated kraut over canned. Serve with roasted carrots and some mustard to spread on the sausage

Recipe: Eating Well

Vinegar Roasted Vegetables

You might think that much acid would make them too tart or acrid but I assure you, the vinegar steams in with the garlic and herbs and lends a rather delicated flavour then caramelized up at the end when the foil is removed. Pure happiness.

Recipe: Port and Fin

Miso-Tahini Soup

“Kabocha squash is an alternative to delicata squash here. Or any winter squash, really. And the recipe calls for white miso here, but you can certainly experiment with another type of miso, or a blend. Just keep in mind some are much saltier (and stronger) than others, so add gradually if you’re unsure.”

Recipes: 101 Cookbooks

Kefir Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes are smaller than typical American pancakes with a tender crumb and a delicious crispy outside. They are made with my secret ingredient called Kefir. Kefir is a tangy, slightly fizzy, FANTASTIC fermented milk beverage with tremendous health benefits to your body. It contains tons of beneficial bacteria that help boost our digestive system and overall health.

Recipes: GastroSenses

Kombucha Ice Cream Float

“A swirling sweet glass of creamy ice cream and fizzy fruity kombucha–this Kombucha Ice Cream Float is an easy summertime treat with endless variations!”

Recipes: Feasting on Fruit

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