Meal Kit Recipes: Week of August 13

Recipes For: Vegan Kimchi Tostadas & Melon with Kimchi Chili Salt, One-Pan Peperonata Pork Meatballs and Summer Saute, Seared Wagyu Steak with Umami Sauce & Blistered Green Beans, Jerk Chicken with Cornbread and Jalapeno-spiced

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Meal Kit Recipes: Week of August 6

Recipes For: Chicken Shawarma Kebab with Garlic Herb Yogurt, Chorizo & Sweet Pepper Tacos with Peach-Corn Salsa, Longhorn Beef Pita Burger with Sumac Mint Aioli, Whole30 Thai Green Vegetable Curry

Meal-kits from Farmhouse Delivery…

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