Use Your Produce Box: Week of May 21

Peaches, sweet corn, and leeks- summer is coming! We’ve got fresh, crunchy salads, a creamy smoothie, and a weeknight chicken tagine to round out your meal plans this week.

May 21: Large Produce Box

Peaches (1 lb avg) or Blueberries (1 lb avg), Sweet Corn (4 ears), Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Swiss Chard or Kale (1 bunch), Carrots (1 bunch), Leeks (1 bunch), Dill (1 bunch), Cucumbers (2 count), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb) or Beets (1 bunch)

May 21: Medium Bushel

Peaches (1 lb avg) or Blueberries (1 lb avg), Green Beans (1 lb avg), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb avg) or Beets (1 bunch), Sweet Corn (2 ears), Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Carrots (1 bunch)

Each week, we take the time to list out all of the possible produce items that you get in your delivery and translate them into recipe ideas for your meal planning inspiration. If you ever find yourself with too many apples, or no idea what to do with radishes, you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat with a Farmhouse employee. We will get back to you with recipe ideas, meal prep guidance, or just a friendly hello!

Cucumber and Peach Salad

Produce Box Vegetables: Peaches, Cucumber, Dill*

“Enter this simple and beautiful peach and cucumber salad, which does right by even less-than-perfect fruit. It’s the snack I make on days when it’s too hot to even think about turning on the oven.”

*Add fresh dill as a substitute for out of season cilantro

Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit

Chicken Tagine with Leeks and Carrots

Produce Box Vegetables: Carrots, Leeks, Kale/Chard*

What’s more is that it is very impressive whether served in an authentic tagine or your prettiest large platter. And please don’t forget it’s easy enough to do for a weeknight healthy comfort dinner.”

*Add chopped kale or chard greens to finish the dish with more veggies. Recipe Credit:

Creamy Zucchini Blueberry Smoothie

Produce Box Vegetables: Summer Squash, Blueberries

“Creamy, nutritious zucchini smoothie with bananas, blueberries, greens, and hemp seeds! Loaded with 8 whole ingredients, plus 1 blender and 10 minutes required! Entirely vegan, gluten-free, and loaded with health benefits.”

Recipe Credit: Minimalist Baker

Green Bean, Potato, and Corn Salad

Produce Box Vegetables: Green Beans, Potatoes, Sweet Corn

“These kinds of salads have been on our table a lot lately. I’ve been craving vegetables with Dijon dressing and capers… mediterranean sorts of flavors with vegetables I happen to have around. Bonus points if I don’t have to go to the store!”

Recipe Credit: Love and Lemons

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