Use Your Produce Box: Week of May 7

May 7: Large Produce Box

Peaches (1 lb avg), Sweet Corn (4 ears), Green Beans (1 lb avg), Rainbow Chard or Kale (1 bunch), Carrots (1 bunch), Leeks (1 bunch) or French Sorrel (1 bunch), Onions (2-3 count), Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb avg)

May 7: Medium Bushel

Peaches (1 lb avg), Onions (2-3 count), Lettuce (1 head), Red Potatoes (1 lb avg), Sweet Corn (2 ears), Summer Squash (1 lb avg), Carrots (1 bunch)

Each week, we take the time to list out all of the possible produce items that you get in your delivery and translate them into recipe ideas for your meal planning inspiration. If you ever find yourself with too many apples, or no idea what to do with radishes, you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat with a Farmhouse employee. We will get back to you with recipe ideas, meal prep guidance, or just a friendly hello!

Corn, Cucumber, Peach & Avocado Salad

Produce Box Vegetables: Peaches, Sweet Corn

“It’s a refreshingly sweet, crispy, crunchy, creamy combo that I will most definitely be eating all summer long.”

Recipe Credit: Love and Lemons

Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes Carrots and Green Beans

Produce Box Vegetables: Carrots, Red Potatoes, Green Beans

“This simple veggie blend of potatoes, carrots and green beans is seasoned with a delicious garlic and fresh herb blend then roasted to perfection. It’s an excellent go-to side dish that pairs well with just about anything!”

Recipe Credit: Cooking Classy

Summer Squash Gratin

Produce Box Vegetables: Summer Squash, Leeks, Onions

“Food & Wine’s Laura Rege puts abundant summer squash and zucchini to good use in this beautiful and very simple gratin, which gets fantastic flavor from white wine, leeks and Gruyère cheese.”

Recipe Credit: Food and Wine

Sorrel Rice Bowls with Poached Eggs

Produce Box Vegetables: Sorrel, Kale or Swiss Chard

“This “put an egg on it” dream dish is a must-order menu item at Sqirl. If using kale, you may want to add more lemon juice to mimic sorrel’s tart sharpness.

Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit

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